Prof. Peter Z. Skands,

School of Physics and Astronomy
10 College Walk, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

My Teaching:

Year 3, S1: Classical Field Theory (PHS3201).
Year 3, S2: Relativity and Particle Physics (PHS3302).
Year 5, S1: Introduction to B Physics & Jets (PHS5020).
PhD Students: Video Lectures on QCD and Event Generators.

Student Projects (3rd Year / Honours / Masters / PhD):

Student Projects and Resources.
Description of My Research.
Examples of Past Student Projects.

My Research:

Theoretical High Energy Physics
Physics at the Large Hadron Collider:

QCD, Jets and Parton Showers, Coherence, Resonance Production and Decays, Higher-Order Corrections, Lund Strings, Hadronization, Multiparton Interactions, Strangeness and Collectivity in PP Collisions, ...

Event Generators: PYTHIA and VINCIA

Computer Physics, Markov-Chain and Monte-Carlo Algorithms
Optimization, Uncertainties, Tuning, Validation
Outreach and Citizen Science (LHC@home/MCPlots)

Top Quarks, Higgs Bosons, and collider signals for New Physics
Future Colliders (FCC, CEPC)
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My Networks & Collaborations:

Spokesperson for the PYTHIA Collaboration
Leading the VINCIA Project
Science Project Leader for LHC@home-Test4Theory


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"Once, the cosmos was ruled by the wills and vanities of gods, and magic seemed to move the heavenly spheres. To the rational and sane of enlightened societies, these tales are little more than colourful myths; but to the inquisitive mind, the universe appears still so enigmatic and full of the mysteries that breathed life and beauty into our earliest imaginations. And despite the limits of our Earthly minds, we still seek to grasp the nature of that which brought us forth."
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