Prof. Peter Z. Skands,

School of Physics and Astronomy
10 College Walk, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

My Teaching:

Year 3, S1: Classical Field Theory (PHS3201).
Year 3, S2: Modern Particle Physics (PHS3302).
Year 5, S1: Introduction to B Physics & Jets (PHS5020).
PhD Students: Video Lectures on QCD and Event Generators.

My Student Projects (3rd Year / Honours / Masters / PhD):

Description of My Research.
Student Projects and Resources.
Examples of Past Student Projects.

My Research:

Theoretical High Energy Physics

QCD, Jets and Parton Showers, Coherence, Resonance Production and Decays, Higher-Order Corrections, QED & EW Corrections, Lund Strings, Hadronization, Multiparton Interactions, Strangeness and Collectivity in PP Collisions, ...

Event Generators: PYTHIA and VINCIA

Computer Physics, Markov-Chain and Monte-Carlo Algorithms
Optimization, Uncertainties, Tuning, Validation
Outreach and Citizen Science (LHC@home/MCPlots)

Physics at the Large Hadron Collider:
Top Quarks, Higgs Bosons, and collider signals for New Physics
Future Colliders (FCC, CEPC)
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My Networks & Collaborations:

Spokesperson for the PYTHIA Collaboration
Leading the VINCIA Project
Science Project Leader for LHC@home-Test4Theory


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"We are the eyes through which the Universe observes itself, and knows itself divine." [D. Zindell]
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